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Best Selenium Training in Bangalore, Marathahalli

Call +91-8884166608 infocampus & book demo for Selenium training in bangalore. We are offering best java selenium course in bangalore online, Classroom. We are Tieup with 1100+ MNC Companies for hiring and placement in java selenium course. Like fully practical & live classes, Daily assignments, weekly test, Mock interview, Resume Building, Unlimited interview calls with 3 LPA to 10 LPA salary.

Best Selenium Training in Bangalore, Marathahalli

Infocampus is 9+ years old training institute for java selenium training. You can attend 4 Days Free classes and pay Fee in easy installment. Fully practical classes, One to one Interaction, Daily Assignments, Online Test, Selenium training in bangalore with Live Project. Lifetime Access study materials, 1200+ Questions + Answers bank will be provided for interview preparation. You Can Attend Online, Offline classes, Get Daily Recorded Session for selenium with java training in bangalore

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Best Selenium Training in Bangalore, Marathahalli

Call +91-8884166608 For Demo, Our Best Selenium Training in Bangalore, Marathahalli is led by instructors who are experts and have over 15 years of experience in the IT Software field. This course includes all the key concepts of Best Selenium Training in Bangalore, Marathahalli . During This course, you will be able to ask all your queries to our trainer, using our 24-hour support platform. Our team will assist you in clearing all your course-based doubts. Moreover, you will have complete access to the entire course material of the react.js online course, which will be extremely beneficial in terms of revising specific concepts. we support 100% job placement before job and after job.

Java Selenium Training Course Syllabus

Features of Java
Classes, Objects, Methods, and Constructors
Datatypes in Java
Types of Variables in Java
Basic Operators in Java
Control Flow Statements
Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Exception Handling Mechanisms
Methods and Constructors
Decision-Making Statements
Looping Statements
Object-Oriented Programming Concepts
Exception Handling Mechanisms
Collection Framework (ArrayList, LinkedList, HashSet, and LinkedHashSet)
Map Interface in Java
Types of Applications (Desktop, Web, Mobile, Hybrid)
Software Testing Methods (Manual and Test Automation)
Test Automation Types (Unit Testing, API Testing, GUI Testing)
Test Automation Frameworks
Test Automation Tools
Test Automation Process
Components of Selenium Suite
Types of Testing
Selenium vs. Other Testing Tools
Integration of Selenium with Other Tools
Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
Evolution of Selenium WebDriver
Advantages of Selenium WebDriver
Selenium WebDriver Architecture
Introduction to Web elements
Locating Web elements using various Locators (ID, Name, Class Name, Tag Name, Link Text, Partial Link Text, CSS Selector, and XPath)
Introduction to XPath
Types of XPath
XPath Functions and Customisations
What are CSS Selectors?
Locating Web Elements using CSS Selectors
Selenium Commands in WebDriver
Interacting with Web Elements
Performing Actions on Web Elements
Checking the Web Element state
Types of Waits in Selenium
Introduction to TestNG
Installing TestNG Plug-in in Eclipse
Rules to write TestNG
Parallel/Cross Browser Testing
Introduction to Reports
Types of Reports
What are Alerts?
Types of Alerts
Alert Interface methods
Handling Alerts in Selenium WebDriver
What is a Modal Dialog Box?
Handling Modal Dialog Box using Selenium WebDriver
Handling Multiple Windows and Multiple Tabs using Selenium WebDriver
Scrolling on a web page using JavaScriptExecutor
Verifying Tooltip using Selenium WebDriver
What is an IFrame?
Identifying an IFrame
Switching to IFrames using Selenium WebDriver
Select Class in Selenium WebDriver
Methods under Select Class
Handling Dropdowns and Multiple Select Operations using Select Class
Actions Class and Action Interface
Methods for handling Keyboard and Mouse based interactions
Testing Drag and Drop and Mouse Hover functionality using Actions Class
Introduction to Selenium Grid
Selenium Grid Architecture
Deploy a Grid
Introduction to Robot class
Methods under Robot class (KeyPress, Key Release, Mouse Press, Mouse Release, Mouse Move)
Implementation of the Robot class
Advantages and disadvantages of the Robot class
Limitations of the Robot class
What is Selenium IDE?
Features of Selenium IDE
Selenium IDE Interface
Selenese in Selenium IDE
Why Page Object Model?
What is Page Object Model?
What is Page Factory?
Advantages of POM
Implementing POM using Selenium WebDriver
Implementing POM with Page Factory
Introduction to Selenium Frameworks
Types of Selenium Frameworks
Introduction to Data-Driven Test Framework
Advantages and Disadvantages of Data-Driven Test Framework
Best practices of Data-Driven Testing
Apache POI
Data Providers
Introduction to Keyword-Driven Test Framework
Uses of Keyword-Driven Test Framework
Keyword-Driven Framework Components
Advantages and Limitations of Keyword-Driven Testing
Implement Keyword-Driven Framework
Introduction to Hybrid Driven Test Framework
Advantages and Limitations of Hybrid Test Framework
Utilize the Page Object Model with Hybrid Framework
Implementing Hybrid Test Framework
Agile Testing
Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)
Advantages and Limitations of BDD
Cucumber Fundamentals
Gherkin Syntax in Cucumber
Step Definition for Cucumber Feature File
Advantages of Cucumber
Implementing BDD Framework using Cucumber

Students Reviews for Best Selenium Training in Bangalore, Marathahalli

Kuldeep Shukla - (React JS Developer)

Positive: Quality, Value

I joined Infocampus on 11Oct21 for MERN Stack development course. After completing frontend part (UI + react), I got an internship on 11Jan22 exactly after 3 months. Now learning backend part along with internship on weekend. Trainer is well versed with the subjects and the assignments were very helpful in understanding the tech. If you are planning to take admission, then make sure to be regular and practice assignments on daily basis. Thank you Infocampus.

Madhava Kothakota - (Web Developer)

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Firstly, it's a great institute with excellent faculty. Siyaram sir are really very supportive with great knowledge and experience. They are amazing at their job. You can share your doubts without any hesitation. They motivates you, guides you and helps you to achieve the best in your career. 100% web designing placement guarantee.

Arpita Sahoo - (Reactjs Developer)

Positive: Quality
One of the best institute to upskill yourself. I completed my ReactJs course from here and Siyaram sir’s teaching is very commendable.

K Ramanjulu - (Reactjs Developer)

Best Institute with best faculty and much Recommended.. I am writing here after getting placed I took training on UI React and I can say this with confidence that Infocampus teachers are the best which is not easy to get. Special Thanks to Siyaram sir for his guidance, dedication and immense patience

satya prakash - (Java)

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value
Professional environment for students with excellent teaching quality
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