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MERN Stack Training in Bangalore

Call +91-8884166608 INFOCAMPUS is Best Training institute For Mern stack training in bangalore. We are offering mern stack course in bangalore online, Classroom. We are Tieup with 1100+ MNC Companies for hiring and placement in mern stack training institute in bangalore.

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Best MERN Stack Training institute in Bangalore

MERN Stack Training in Bangalore

MERN Stack Online Training in Bangalore

Infocampus is 9+ years old training institute for mern stack online training course. You can attend 4 Days Free classes and pay Fee in easy installment. Fully practical classes, One to one Interaction, Daily Assignments, Online Test, Mern stack training in bangalore with Live Project. Lifetime Access study materials, 1200+ Questions + Answers bank will be provided for interview preparation. You Can Attend Online, Offline classes, Get Daily Recorded Session for mern stack training with placement

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MERN Stack Training in Bangalore

Call +91-8884166608 For Demo, Our MERN Stack Training in Bangalore is led by instructors who are experts and have over 15 years of experience in the IT Software field. This course includes all the key concepts of MERN Stack Training in Bangalore . During This course, you will be able to ask all your queries to our trainer, using our 24-hour support platform. Our team will assist you in clearing all your course-based doubts. Moreover, you will have complete access to the entire course material of the react.js online course, which will be extremely beneficial in terms of revising specific concepts. we support 100% job placement before job and after job.

Complete Syllabus For MERN Stack Training Course in Bangalore

1. React Overview

What is React?
What’s in a Name?
React Component Model
What React Is Not
What You Will Not Find in React
Motivation for Creating React
One-Way Data Flow
The Virtual (Mock) DOM
Only Sub-components that Actually Change are Re-Rendered
React Libraries

2. ES6

What is ES6?
ES6 Features
Using ES6
Major Syntax Changes
let and const
Variable Scope
Shadowing Variables
Arrow Functions
Arrow Functions As Parameters
Using ‘this’ Within Arrow Functions
Template Literals
Spread Operator
ES6 Classes
Declaring Classes
Declaring Instance Methods
Accessor Methods
Static Methods
Inheritance With Classes

3. Babel Command-Line Interface

Babel Transpiler
Usage Options
Presets and Plug-ins
Babel CLI Installation
Babel Configuration
Running Babel Command-Line
A Basic ES6 Development Setup with Babel
Test the Babel Development Setup
Adding React to the Development Setup
Create a Minimal React App – Index.html
Create a Minimal React App – app.js

4. Basic Components and JSX

What is JSX?
Running the Transpiled Code
The Babel Runtime JavaScript Library
Script Import Skeleton Code
Playing Around in CodePen
React Components
Ways to Create UI Components
Component Names Must Be Capitalized
Creating a React Class-Based Component in ES5
The render Method
Creating a UI Component Using ES6 Class Notation
Using ES6 Classes with React
Which UI Component Creation Syntax Should I Use?
Components vs Elements
Elements Are Immutable
Property Naming Convention
Properties Default to ‘True’
Spread Attributes (an ES6 Feature)

5. React Component Concepts

Nesting JSX Elements
Comments in JSX Code
JSX Escapes Values
Working with Lists of Items
Keys in Lists
Container vs. Presentational Components
Types of State Data
State Hierarchy
Lifting State Up
Props vs. State
Pass Down a Function
Immutability – Why?
Virtual DOM and State
Setting state
Updating Input fields
Passing Props to Components
Passing Functions to Components
Event Handling
Event Binding – DOs
Event Binding – Don’ts
Passing Parameters to Event Handlers
App Development Workflow – 1/3
App Development Workflow – 2/3
App Development Workflow – 3/3

6. React Components with ES6 Classes

Classes in ES6
Functional Components
Extending React.Component
The render() Method
The Component Lifecycle
setState( newStateValue )

7. React Router

Routing and Navigation
Creating a react-router based project
A Basic Routed Component
Router vs. BrowserRouter
The Route component
Redirect Route
Navigating with
Navigating with
Route Parameters
Retrieving Route Parameters
QueryString Parameters
Using Router with Redux

8. Building React Apps with Redux

Redux Terminology
Redux Principles
Redux: Actions
Redux Action Types
Action Creators
Dispatching Actions
Data Flow Basics
Redux Reducers
Pure Functions
Returning Default State
Creating a Development Environment with create-react-app
Using Redux with React
Initializing the Store
Benefits of Immutable State
Mutability of Standard types
Copying Objects in JavaScript
Copying Arrays in JavaScript
One Store – Multiple Reducers
Combining Reducers
Components and Redux
The React-Redux Package
Wrapping App with Provider
Using Mapped Properties and Methods
Wrapping Components with Connect
Configure Store
Programming Advice – MultiTab Console

9. Unit Testing React with Jest

Jest Testing Framework
Snapshot Testing
Code Coverage
Interactive Mode
Projects created with
Installing Jest Manually
Run Test
Unit Tests
Anatomy of a Unit Test
Common Matchers
Combining Tests
Running Tests
Testing async code with done
Testing Promise Based Async Code
Setup and Teardown
A Simple Snapshot Test

10. Introduction to MongoDB

MongoDB Features
MongoDB on the Web
Positioning of MongoDB
MongoDB Applications
MongoDB Data Model
MongoDB Limitations
MongoDB Use Cases
MongoDB Query Language (QL)
The CRUD Operations
MongoDB vs Apache CouchDB

11. MongoDB Data Model

The BSON Data Format
Database Terminology
MongoDB Data Model
The _id Primary Key Filed Considerations
(Traditional) Data Modeling in RDBMS
Data Modeling in MongoDB
MongoDB Data Modeling
A Sample JSON Document Matching the Schema
To Normalize or Denormalize?
MongoDB Limitations
Data Lifecycle Management
Data Lifecycle Management: TTL
Data Lifecycle Management: Capped Collections

12. MongoDB Architecture

MongoDB Nexus Architecture
Blending the Best of Both Worlds
What Makes MongoDB Fast?
Pluggable Storage Engines
Data Sharding
Sharding in MongoDB
Data Replication
A Sample Sharded Cluster Diagram
Getting a File from GridFS
MongoDB Security
Data and Network Encryption

13. MongoDB Administration

The Admin Shell
Getting Help
Admin Commands
Starting MongoDB
The mongod Web UI
Running MongoDB JavaScript Scripts
Shell Helper to JavaScript Equivalent Map
Connecting to MongoDB
User Authentication
Authentication Options
Import / Export Operations
MongoDB Extended JSON and Strict Mode
The Robo3T (formerly RoboMongo) Tool
Robo3T Connections
Connection Manager
Viewing Databases, Collections and Documents
Edit Capabilities
Admin Shell

14. Working with Data in MongoDB

Reading Data in MongoDB
The Query Interface
Query Syntax is Driver-Specific
Query and Projection Operators
MongoDB Query to SQL Select Comparison
Cursor Expiration
Writing Data in MongoDB
The Update/Remove Operation
Limiting Return Data
Data Sorting
Aggregating Data
Aggregation Stages

15. Indexes in MongoDB

Indexes in MongoDB
Creating an Index
Listing Existing Indexes
The Sort Order
Using the Explain() Method
Main Index Types
The _id Field
Single and Compound Indexes
Multikey Indexes
Other Index Types
Index Properties

16. Introduction to Node.js

What Is Node.js?
Applications of Node.js
Installing Node.js and NPM
“Hello, Node World!”
How It Works
Node.js is built on JavaScript: Benefits
Traditional Server-Side I/O Model
Disadvantages of the Traditional Approach
Event-Driven, Non-Blocking I/O
Using Node Package Manager (NPM)
The Express Server Framework

17. Module and Dependency Management

Nature of a Node.js Project
Introduction to Modules
A Simple Module
Using the Module
Directory Based Modules
Using the Module
Making a Module Executable
Core Modules
Loading Module from node_modules Folders
Dependency Management Using NPM
Installing a Package
About Global Installation
Setting Up Dependency
Package Version Numbering Syntax
Updating Packages
Uninstalling Packages
Alternate Dependency Management

18. The File System Module

Basic File Manipulation
Getting File/Directory Meta Data
Read an Entire File
The Buffer Class
Writing to a File
Reading in Chunks
Writing in Chunks
The open() Method
Stream API
The Readable Interface
The Writable Interface

19. Basic Web Application Development

Introduction to the HTTP Module
The Request Handler Callback Function
The Server Object
The Request Object
The Response Object
Parsing Request Body
Serving Static Files
The HTTP Client API
Making POST/PUT/etc. Requests
Where To go from Here?

20. Debugging and Unit Testing

Problem Determination Options
Using console.log
Using the ‘debug’ Logging Package
Configure Logging
The ‘Node Inspector’ Debugger
Basic Usage of the Debugger
Unit Testing Node.js Applications
Getting Setup
Writing a Test Script
Running Unit Test
Testing Asynchronous Code

21. Introduction to Express

Introduction to Express
Defining Routing Rules
Route Path
The Response Object
Supplying URL Parameters
Ordering of Routes
Defining Catch All Route

22. Express Middleware

Introduction to Express Middleware
Writing a Middleware Function
Binding to a Path
Order of Execution
Raising Error
Handling Error
Serving Static Files
Handling POST Request Body
Enable Response Compression

23. Accessing MongoDB from Node.js

Getting Started
The Connection URL
Obtaining a Collection
Inserting Documents
Updating a Document
Querying for Documents
Deleting a Document
Connection Pooling

24. Clustering and Failover

Process Management
Managing the Process Using OS Tools
Installing a Service in Windows
Create an Upstart Script in Ubuntu
Process Management Using forever
Clustering Basics
More About Clustering
Child Process Failover
MERN Stack Training

MERN Stack Training in Bangalore

Get enrolled for MERN Stack that includes MongoDB, Express, React JS, Nodejs with live project and 100% job support till you will not get placed in MNC and Reputed companies. Read More

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