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UI Development Training in Marathahalli , Call 8884166608 book 3 days free demo class – UI Development with WordPress

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Roles And Responsibilities of UI Developer / Front end developer

UI Development / Front end development is part of web application development, Where it used in website development. Website development will be combination of user interface and Back end. User Interface user to take input from user & give out put to user. User input will sent to client side processing language for processing where it validate the user input.

After validate depend on business requirements it can process in client side or for process can be sent to server side as php, java, python, dot net like language.

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HTML : it is know as hypertext markup language, use to design basic structure of webpage. HTML can not help to design a very professional webpage because it has limited property and values.

CSS2/CSS3 : It is known as Cascading Style Sheet, it has collections of unlimited property and values. CSS will be combine with HTML and change look and feel of webpage from basic design to Professional Design.

Bootstrap : It is first framework of html, css, & JavaScript for responsive web design. it based on grid system, that re-arrange the contents of web page according to device.

JavaScript : JavaScript is called client side processing language, which process the user input into user computer, server will not have heavy burden to process all data.

Angular : It is Library of javaScript, best Library developed by google. it is open source 20 times faster than other client side library.

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Trainer Name : Siyaram

Mobile No : 8792462607

Education : MCA

Total Experienced : 10 Years

Last Company : CISCO Bangalore

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